The BLE, through the years, is guided by the following functions as provided in the Administrative Code of 1987 and Labor Code of 1974:

  • Formulate policies, standards and procedures on productive manpower resources, development, utilization and allocation;
  • Establish and administer a machinery for the effective allocation of manpower resources for maximum employment and placement;
  • Develop and maintain a responsive vocational guidance and testing system in aid of proper human resources allocation;
  • Regulate and supervise a private sector participation in the recruitment and placement of workers locally under such rules and regulations as may be issued by the Secretary
  • Establish and maintain a registration or work permit system to regulate employment of aliens;
  • Develop and maintain a labor market information system in aid of proper manpower and development planning;
  • Formulate employment programs designed to benefit disadvantaged groups and communities; and
  • Perform other functions as may be provided by law or assigned by the Secretary.