The Philippines remains steadfast in its commitment to address the challenges faced by platform workers and uphold their rights and welfare. This commitment was reiterated by DOLE Assistant Secretary Paul Vincent W. Añover during the launch of the ASEAN Employment Outlook in Boracay Island on 06 July 2023.

Assistant Secretary Añover emphasized the collective resolve of the Philippines to tackle the issues surrounding decent work in the platform economy. The country has actively engaged with stakeholders to develop innovative and balanced policies, as outlined in the Philippine Labor and Employment Plan 2023-2028.

“We aim to establish guidelines that safeguard the rights and welfare of platform workers, ensuring fair compensation, safe working conditions, opportunities for upskilling and reskilling towards
sustainable employment, access to social benefits, and promoting social dialogue among duty bearers and stakeholders,” said Assistant Secretary Añover.

In addition to its domestic efforts, the Philippines called upon other ASEAN member states to foster collaboration by sharing best practices, knowledge, and developing regional frameworks. The collective endeavors, according to Assistant Secretary Añover, will contribute to creating an enabling environment that promotes and achieves decent work in the platform economy.

The Philippines’ reaffirmation of its commitment to upholding the rights and welfare of platform workers marks an important step forward in addressing the unique challenges presented by the platform economy. By fostering dialogue, promoting fairness, and ensuring the provision of necessary support, the Philippines is working towards a more inclusive and sustainable platform work environment.