The NSRS Project was initiated to establish a web-based National Skills Registry System in the Philippines. This project aims to create a readily available (IT-based) database that shall aid in addressing the country’s growing problem on talents mismatch. This will be achieved through the creation of a system that shall capture the pool of available talents at the community level.

In addition to registering available skills in every locality throughout the country, the relevance of the said project is the ‘liveness’ of the skills registry wherein potential employers are given the assurance that the skills registered are up-to- date and only those who are actively searching for employment are shown. This will help expedite the selection and hiring process for employers. Furthermore, because of the monthly and quarterly reporting mechanism of the project, DOLE and PESO are certain that the enrolled skills registrants may be easily contacted and  interviewed by potential employers. It also shows the potential of being used as a mechanism to discern additional intermediary services that the PESO may extend to increase the employability of the enrolled skilled registrants, either through the provision of skills re-tooling or upgrading that may be used for both wage and entrepreneurial endeavors. The ‘liveness’ of the system is vital as it is seen as the most strategic approach in linking available manpower supply and demand.