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Kasanayan at Hanapbuhay Frequently Asked Questions on KasH Program

What is Kasanayan at Hanapbuhay Program?Back to top page

The Kasanayan at Hanapbuhay Program is an apprenticeship and employment program adopted as a bridging mechanism for new entrants to the labor force as they will be able to acquire basic skills and work experiences needed by employers in hiring new employees.

What are the objectives of the program?

Generally, the Kasanayan at Hanapbuhay program shall ensure the availability of qualified skilled workers based on industry needs and requirements as well as facilitate and speed up the matching of jobseekers with available jobs.

Specifically, the program shall:

  1. provide opportunity for new entrants to the labor force to acquire experience and skills;
  2. generate commitment from enterprises in developing the skills of the Filipino workforce; and
  3. facilitate the absorption of apprentices into the regular workforce after their apprenticeship.

What is apprenticeship?Back to top page

Apprenticeship is training within employment involving a contract between apprentice and an enterprise on an apprenticeable occupation.

Who are considered apprentices?

Apprentices are persons undergoing training for an approved apprenticeable occupation during an established period and covered by an apprenticeship agreement.

Who can join the program?

Any unemployed person 15 years old and above can apply for apprenticeship with any participating enterprise.

Where can they register?Back to top page

Applicants for the Kasanayan at Hanapbuhay Program can register at any PESO near their place or in any DOLE regional / provincial / district / offices. And they shall:

  1. register using the NMRS form;
  2. submit to PESO the accomplished NMRS form in two (2) copies;
  3. report to enterprise for screening, if referred by the PESO, and
  4. inform the PESO on the result of the application.

How can an enterprise participate in the Kasanayan at Hanapbuhay Program?

Any enterprise duly registered with appropriate government authorities with ten (10) or more regular workers is qualified to join the program. It shall accept apprentices not more than twenty (20) percent of its total regular workforce.

How can they register for the program?

Back to top page

The enterprise shall register its apprenticeship program with any of the TESDA Provincial Offices, submitting the following requirements:

  1. Letter of application;
  2. Certification that the number of apprentices to be hired is not more than 20 percent of the total regular workforce; and
  3. Skills Training Outline

What is an Apprenticeship Agreement?

An apprenticeship agreement is a contract wherein a prospective enterprise binds himself to train the apprentice who, in turn, accepts the terms of training for a recognized apprenticeable occupation emphasizing the rights, duties and responsibilities of each party.
No apprenticeship training will commence until an Apprenticeship Agreement has been forged between an enterprise and an apprentice.

What are considered apprenticeable occupations?Back to top page

Apprenticeable occupations are occupations officially approved for apprenticeship by TESDA.

At present, there are about one hundred forty-nine (149) approved apprenticeable occupations, including occupations not highly technical but needed by industry.

How long is the duration of the apprenticeship agreement?

The apprenticeship period shall not be less than four (4) months but not more than six (6) months.

However, participating employer has the option to hire the apprentice even prior to the completion of the apprenticeship period.

How much wage shall an apprentice receive?

Apprentices shall be entitled to receive a wage not less than 75% of the prevailing minimum wage and benefits such as social security and health benefits, and overtime pay.

Apprentices can also work overtime provided there are no regular workers to do the job and the time spent on overtime work is duly credited to his training hours.

What incentives are participating enterprises entitled to receive?Back to top page

Participating enterprises shall be entitled to:

  • payment of 75% of the prevailing minimum wage to apprentices; or
  • an additional deduction from taxable income of one-half (1/2) of the value of labor training expenses incurred for developing the productivity and efficiency of apprentices, provided that such deduction shall not exceed ten (10) percent of direct labor wage.

For more information about this program,
visit the nearest PESO in your area or,
theDOLE Regional Office and TESDA Provincial and District Offices, or, call:

TESDA , Office of Apprenticeship
Tels.: 817-1899 • 817-4427

Bureau of Local Employment
Tels.: 528-0108 • 527-2539

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