Medical TranscriptionistMedical Transcriptionist


Medical Transcriptionists earn anywhere from P8,000 to P15,000 per month. It may exceed, depending on their hours of work, typing speed and type of employment.

Basic Educational Requirement

One must be a college degree holder and with additional training in Medical Transcription to be a Medical Transcriptionist.

Cost of Education *

Training in Medical Transcription may vary from Medical Graduates to Non-Medical Graduates. There are schools offering a training for medical graduates for 1 month. However, they need to pass the both the written and computerized examinations in able to enroll for that training which would cost approximately P16,000. Another training program is a 3-month period for those who are not qualified for the 1-month training period and it will cost around P15,750. For Non Medical Graduates, they need to have a 6-month period of training and it will cost P24,000. Some training schools offer one-month training for Medical Graduates for P20,000 and a 2.5 months training for P35,000 for Non Medical Graduates. Other schools have a Finishing Course of P4,000 in 2 months for Medical Graduates and P10,000 in 5 months for Non Medical Graduates. Both training programs should undergo OJT for 160 hours.

Schools Offering Medical Transcription Courses

Employment Opportunities

Medical Transcription will evolve and expand into a whole range of disciplines that include medical coding, medical billing, IT Support (supports electronic medical records to communicate across all healthcare system platforms) and claims processing. This will be an entirely new industry called Healthcare Information Management Outsourcing. This demand for electronic healthcare opens huge career opportunities for nursing and allied medical professionals including the ones who graduated from Medical Transcription Training Course. Medical Transcriptionists may likewise be employed in the following industries: Real Estate, Renting and Business Activities, Health and Social Work, and Other Community, Social and Personal Service Activities.

Prospects for Career Advancement

A Medical Transcriptionist with 2-3 years experience can qualify for the position of Editor after undergoing additional training in an Editor course. He/She must also possess supervisory, coaching and leadership skills.

Nature of Work

Medical Transcription deals with interpreting and electronic encoding of patient assessment, therapeutic procedures, medical history and treatment from hospitals and other medical institutions abroad.


Skills and Competencies

Physical Attributes and Characteristics

Dependable, excellent attitude (i.e. flexible, patient, conscientious, resourceful, organized and disciplined).

* Based on 2011 rates.