Average salary of a Telemarketer is approximately P10,000 per month for the entry level. Aside from the basic pay, they also get allowances and other incentives.

Basic Educational Requirement

The position of Telemarketer is open to persons with at least a college level of education. However, there are some companies who require college graduates of any four- year course and with at least six months experience in outbound sales. A Sales and Marketing background is likewise a distinct advantage for candidates to the position. Telemarketers are required to have a knowledge of:

  • Sales and Marketing - principles and methods for showing, promoting, and selling products or services.
    • marketing strategies and tactics
    • product demonstration
    • sales technique
    • sales control systems
  • Customer and Personal Service - principles and processes for providing customer and personal services.
    • customer needs assessment
    • meeting quality standards for services
    • evaluation for customer satisfaction

Cost of Education*

The cost of a 4-year business or social science course varies between a public and a private school. In a public university, the tuition fee is only around P3,500 per semester, whereas in a private school, fees may range from P20,000 to P48,000 per semester.

Employment Opportunities

The continued expansion of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) assures a steady demand for Telemarketers. However, telemarketing is sensitive to downturns in the economy since much of the work involves sales. Thus, during periods of recession, the demand for telemarketers tends to decline. In this case, Telemarketers may consider related jobs where a pleasant phone manner is important such as that of an office receptionist, telephone switchboard operator or dispatcher in customer service, freight and transportation.

Telemarketers may be employed in the following industries: Manufacturing; Hotels and Restaurants; Transport, Storage and Communication; Financial Intermediation; Real Estate, Renting and Business Activities; and Other Community, Social and Personal Service Activities.

Prospects for Career Advancement

Telemarketers with at least 1-2 years working experience, have the ability to manage and train people, can perform strategic planning, and are adequately prepared to do analytical work can be promoted to the supervisory level. However, there are companies who require considerable in-house training in procedures and product knowledge before one can assume a supervisory position. Supervisors in telemarketing earn salaries not lower than P 20,000 a month and receive allowances and other incentives.

Nature of Work

A Telemarketer promotes an organization's products and services by telephoning potential customers relying on instructions and pre-established guidelines to perform the functions of the job.


  • Answers telephone calls from potential customers;
  • Contacts businesses or private individuals by telephone to solicit orders for goods or services, or to request donations for charitable causes;
  • Explains products or services and prices, and answers questions from customers;
  • Obtains and maintains records of contacts, accounts, and orders;
  • Schedules appointments for sales representatives to meet with prospective customers or for customers to attend sales presentations; and
  • Conducts client or market surveys in order to obtain information about potential customers.

Skills and Competencies

  • Adept at persuasion;
  • Effective speakers and active listeners;
  • Solid time management skills;
  • Exceptional verbal communication skills;
  • Strong organizational and follow-up skills;
  • Ability to work exceptionally well in a team environment;
  • A team player but with an ability to work independently; and
  • Knowledgeable on the use of computer technology integration (CTI) systems.

Physical Attributes and Characteristics

  • Must have a dynamic personality and must be enthusiastic about his/her work;
  • Must possess the following traits: self-motivated, confident, competitive and well organized; and
  • Must be customer service focused, and actively looking for ways to help people.

* BBased on tuition fee rates for school year 2010-2011.