Network Engineer


In the Philippines, a Network Engineer/Network Administrator’s entry level salary ranges from P25,000-P35,000 per month and may even go up to P50,000 per month for those highly-trained and experienced. Overseas, such as in the U.S. and Canada, the monthly salary for a network engineer/network administrator ranges from $1,500 - $2,000.

Basic Educational Requirement

To be a Network Engineer/Network Administrator, the minimum requirement is a bachelor's degree specifically in the areas of Information Technology and a minimum of 3-5 years of work related experience.

Cost of Education *

A bachelor’s degree in the area of Information Technology normally ranges from P40,000 to P60,000 per semester in private schools and universities. However, in public educational institutions that offer the same discipline, tuition fee would cost about 20%-40% less.

Employment Opportunities

There is huge demand for Network Engineers in the Philippines and abroad.  Nowadays, because of the fast paced development of technology, almost all companies need a Network Engineer. Network Engineers may be employed in the following industries: Manufacturing, Electricity, Gas and Water Supply, Hotels and Restaurants, Transport, Storage and Communication, Financial Intermediation, Real Estate, Renting and Business Activities, Public Administration and Defense, Compulsory Social Security, Education, and Health and Social Work.

Prospects for Career Advancement

Network Engineers even when they are already working should not stop in keeping themselves updated with the latest software developments by taking up trainings or advanced lessons. They are usually promoted to a supervisory and a managerial level.

Nature of Work

A Network Engineer or Network Administrator, devises, installs and maintains computer communication systems that make it possible for people within an organization to interact faster and more effectively. Among others, the system allows them to commune with each other, send files, resources and provide services.


  • Develops network systems that aid in the overall processes in a company or an organization;
  • Works with four main network systems, namely; local area networks (LANs), metropolitan area networks (MANs), wide area networks, (WANs), and global area networks (GANs);
  • Installs new software and hardware;
  • Sets up user-accounts, permissions and passwords;
  • Troubleshoots and fixes network errors;
  • Maintains an effective security, particularly in networks that are connected to the world wide web;
  • Creates preventive maintenance schedules and provides technical support to end-users; and
  • Gives training on new systems and supervises day-to-day administration and monitor network use.

Skills and Competencies

  • Possess a wide knowledge and understanding on installation and configuration of data/telecom network: CAT6 cabling, fiber optic, routers and switches;
  • Have an in-depth knowledge of Networking;
  • Good knowledge in the network platforms such as C/C++,Perl,TCL/TK, and background in SNMD,FREE BSD,JAVA and PHP is a plus;
  • Must have undergone and passed the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) training; and
  • Must be an accredited Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE).

Physical Attributes and Characteristics

  • Must have a basic knowledge of Autocad and/or Visio;
  • Good Communication Skills, both oral and written; and
  • Can work well with others; and
  • Detail oriented.

* Based on 2011 rates.