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BLE – The acronym stands for the name of the Bureau under DOLE, Bureau of Local Employment, which works to facilitate access of Filipinos to local employment opportunities.

AEP – Alien Employment Permit is a document issued by DOLE which authorizes a foreign national to work in the Philippines.

CGAP – The Career Guidance Advocacy Program is a convergent initiative of DOLE with DepEd, DOST, CHED, TESDA, and PRC which aims to immerse the parents and students on the realities of the labor market and convince career guidance counselors and career advocates to use career guidance as an effective tool in addressing job-skill mismatch.

DOLE – The Department of Labor and Employment is the executive department of the Philippine government mandated to formulate policies, implement programs and services, and serves as the policy-coordinating arm in the labor and employment field.

GIP – Government Internship Program is a program of DOLE which gives a chance for young talents to work for the government as an intern where they are compensated with 75% of the minimum wage.

Job Fair – is an employment facilitation strategy aimed to fast-track the meeting of jobseekers and employers/overseas recruitment agencies in one venue at a specific date to reduce cost, time and effort particularly on the part of the applicants. This is open to all unemployed, skilled and unskilled workers, fresh college graduates, graduates of training institutions, displaced workers and employees seeking advancement.

JobStart – A program of DOLE funded by the Canadian Government with technical assistance from the Asian Development Bank which aims to improve of employability of youth.

LMI – Labor Market Information is defined by the ILO as “any information concerning the size and composition of the labor market and any part of it, the it or any part of it functions, its problems, the opportunities which may be available to it, and the employment-related intentions or aspirations of those who are part of it”.

NSRP – National Skills Registration Program is a program initiated by DOLE which started in 7 pilot areas in 2009 with the main objective of maintaining a continuing nationwide skills registry.

PESO – The Public Employment Service Office is a non-fee charging multi-employment service facility. It is community-based maintained largely by local government units (LGUs), non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and state universities and colleges (SUCs).

PhilJobNet – is an automated job and applicant matching system which aims to fast-track jobseekers search for jobs and employers search for manpower. It is the official government employment portal of the Philippines.

PRPA – Private Recruitment and Placement Agency refers to any individual, partnership, corporation or entity engaged in the recruitment and placement of persons for local employment.

SPES – Special Program for Employment of Students assists poor but deserving students and out-of-school youths intending to pursue their education by encouraging employment during summer, Christmas vacation or any time of the year for students in the tertiary, technical, or vocational level.