At the height of the pandemic, business and service operations came to an abrupt halt but Public Employment Service Offices (PESOs) nationwide were some of the rare few that continued to provide services to the public despite the threat of the virus.

For this reason, the Department of Labor and Employment, with the assistance of its Regional and Field Offices and select media partners, will be launching the Bayanihan Service Award which aims to recognize the invaluable efforts of the PESOs in the past year.

Nominees with exceptional accomplishments in the areas of innovation, resilience, and humanitarian services, will be presented the Bayanihan Service Award, whereas three (3) entries evaluated by media partners will be recognized as the Choice of Press with their in-action videos to be subsequently featured in one of DOLE’s regular media programs.

Across all regions, a total of 65 PESOs and Job Placement Offices joined the awards – nine (9) entries for 1st Class Province, one (1) for 2nd Class Province, three (3) for 3rd-5th Class Province, nine (9) for Highly Urbanized City, 13 for Component/Independent Component City, 12 for 1st-2nd Class Municipality, 12 for 3rd-4th Class Municipality, three (3) for 5th-6th Class Municipality, and two (2) for the Job Placement Office category.

A Php 100,000.00 cash prize awaits the winning PESOs in the nine (9) categories, and a Php 20,000.00 cash incentive shall likewise be presented to the remaining nominees. The rewards are intended to provide the PESOs with fund support to procure additional ICT equipment to aide their continuing operations in the increasingly digitized products and services market.

Further, DOLE Regional Offices will similarly be recognized for their efforts in the delivery of COVID-19 response programs through the CAMP Awards.

In launching the Bayanihan Service and CAMP Awards, the DOLE hopes to further boost the morale of Public Employment Service, Job Placement Offices, and Regional counterparts by showcasing to the nation the positive rippling effects of their actions and efforts towards the community. 

The presentation of the Bayanihan Service and CAMP Awards will be conducted during the 2021 National PESO Congress on 16-17 September 2021 to be hosted by the PESOMAP and DOLE Regional Office 10.


END/CMulato/July 29, 2021