Welcome to official website of the Bureau of Local Employment (BLE)!

 True to our mandate of providing employment facilitation services, this website contains updates, articles, issuances, labor market information publications, and other relevant information on the following programs and policies that we offer:


  • Public Employment Services
  • Expanded Trabaho, Negosyo, Kabuhayan Job and Business Fairs
  • PhilJobNet
  • National Skills Registration Program
  • Career Guidance Advocacy Program
  • JobStart Philippines
  • Government Internship Program
  • Special Program for Employment of Students
  • Assistance to Displaced Workers
  • Job Search Kiosk


  • Alien Employment Permit
  • Private Employment Agencies
  • Assistance toFirst-Time Jobseekers


  • JobsFit LMI Report 2022
  • BLE Weekly Briefer
  • BLE Good News and Newsfeed
  • Industry Career Guides
  • Labor Market Trends
  • Labor Market Publications
  • Career Guides
  • Career Guidance Advocacy Materials
  • Career Information Pamphlets

In line with our mission to promote full employment by facilitating access of Filipino job seekers to local employment opportunities, particularly as we recover and embrace the new normal, we hope that you find the contents of our website useful.


Assistant Secretary and
Concurrent BLE Director