Salaries of Chefs vary considerably according to the type of food services establishment in which they work. Salaries are usually highest in elegant restaurants and hotels. The monthly salary of Chefs for entry level starts from P10,000 to 18,000.

Basic Educational Requirement

There is no specific educational requirement for Chefs. However, most employers prefer to hire high school graduates, with course in commercial food preparation. It is recommended for those planning a career as a Chef to enroll in culinary courses offered by various culinary schools.

Cost of Education *

A 4-year degree in International Hospitality Management with specialty in Culinary costs around P170,000 to P200,000 per semester, inclusive of the materials (utensils and ingredients) that will be used during the whole course.

Employment Opportunities

Employment growth will be spurred by increases in population, household income, and leisure time that will allow people to dine out and take vacations more often. In addition, growth in the number of two-income households will lead more families to opt for the convenience of dining out. There are likewise opportunities for overseas employment in large hotels and on board luxury liners.

Prospects for Career Advancement

Advancement opportunities for Chef depend on their training, work experience, and ability to perform more responsible and sophisticated tasks. A number of them may advance to Sous-chef and Executive chef, supervisory or management positions particularly in hotels, clubs, and more elegant restaurants. Others go into business as caterers or restaurant owners, while others become instructors in culinary schools.

Nature of Work

A Chef plans and directs food preparation and cooking activities, and prepares and cooks meals and specialty foods.


  • Plans and directs food preparation and cooking activities;
  • Plans menus, ensures food meets quality standards;
  • Estimates food and labor cost;
  • Supervises activities of cooks and other kitchen staff;
  • Demonstrates new cooking technique;
  • Instructs cooks in preparation, cooking, garnishing of food displays; and
  • Plans the requisition of food and kitchen supplies.

Skills and Competencies

  • Coordination;
  • Management of material resources;
  • Management of personnel resources;
  • Instructing;
  • Planning and implementation ;
  • Oral comprehension; and
  • Number facility.

Physical Attributes and Characteristics

  • Oral expression;
  • Manual dexterity;
  • Neat; and
  • Physically fit.

* Based on 2011 rates.