An entry level Waiter/ Waitress salary may range from P8,000 - P10,000 per month and it may go up to P20,000 for those who have supervisory or 5 years experienced. In US and Australia, salary ranges
from $3.51 - $7.67 or AU$10.10 - AU$15.02 per hour.

Basic Educational Requirement

There is no specific educational requirement but a high school diploma is the minimum entry requirement. Prior experience is preferred by restaurants and hotels that have rigid table service standards. In-house training is often provided by full service restaurants which consists of some form of classroom-type training and actual on-the-job work experience. Training could also be acquired from vocational and other training institutes which offer training in a generalized food service curriculum.

Cost of Training *

A 2-year course of Associate in Hotel and Restaurant Management costs around P13,000 to P24,000. Some training schools offer a Food and Beverage Service program for 2 months or 240 hours plus 500 hours externship training that will cost P40,000. These includes one set uniform, apron, beverages, use of facilities and training kit.

Employment Opportunities

Job openings for Waiters and Waitresses are expected to grow because of the increasing number of restaurants and other food and beverage-serving establishments being put up in response to a rising population that love to dine in food establishments. In the future, overseas employment will likewise offer numerous opportunities for Waiters and Waitresses. Among the countries that hire Waiters / Waitresses are the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Singapore, Australia, Libya, CNMI and USA.

Prospects for Career Advancement

For workers in small-sized food serving establishments, advancement is usually limited to finding a job in a busier or more expensive restaurant where prospects for tip earnings are better. In larger-sized restaurants, Waiters and Waitresses with professional experience and with formal management training may rise up to the rank of dining room supervisor, assistant head waiter, head waiter, assistant restaurant manager, or restaurant general manager.

Nature of Work

A Waiter or Waitress ensures that the guest receives prompt attention and service when they enter the restaurant.


  • Sets the table cutlery, serviettes and condiments before the start of meals;
  • Accompanies the guest to the table when they arrive, takes their orders, and serves food and beverages;
  • Familiarizes guests with the menu and recommends dishes, drinks and wines when taking orders;
  • Clears used cutlery and replaces table settings when guests leave; and
  • Serves individual portions or dishes and refills drink when requested.

Skills and Competencies

  • A good memory to avoid confusing customers’ orders and to recall faces, names, and preferences of frequent patrons;
  • Knowledgeable in operating computers which they may use in placing orders and generating customers’ bills;
  • Need to be quick at arithmetic especially in cases where they may have to total bills manually; and
  • Knowledge of a foreign language is also helpful since Waiters and Waitresses have to communicate with diverse clients.

Physical Attributes and Characteristics

  • Must be able to communicate well with people;
  • Must be tactful and courteous at all times; neat, tidy and smartly dressed;
  • Must possess a good service attitude;
  • Must have good physical health as they spend most of their working hours on their feet.
  • Manual dexterity is also required when serving food to customers and guests.

* Based on 2011 rates.