For an entry level Receptionist, the average monthly salary is P9,000 and it may go up to P15,000 for supervisory positions or for those whose experience is 5 years and up.

Basic Educational Requirement

In small establishments, a high school diploma is the most common educational requirement. However, in large companies, a college degree usually in a business course or in social science is required. Employers often look for applicants who have already undergone some formal office education or training, and have prior experience in operating computers and in answering telephone calls. Newly-hired receptionists generally receive on-the-job training on how to operate multiline telephone systems, computers and other office equipment such as fax machine and copying machines.

Cost of Education *

High school education would normally range from P25,000 - P40,000 per year in private schools and institutions and about P3,000 - P5,000 in public institutions. The cost of a four-year business or social science course also varies between a public and private school. In a public university, the tuition fee is only around P3,500 per semester, whereas in a private school, fees may range from P20,000 to P48,000 per semester.

Employment Opportunities

Technology will have conflicting effects on the demand for Receptionists. The use of voice mail and other telephone automation reduces the need for Receptionists by allowing one receptionist to perform work that formerly required several people to do. However, Receptionists perform many tasks that are interpersonal in nature and are not easily auto-mated, thus ensuring continued demand for their services. 
Receptionist may also be employed in the following industries Hotels and Restaurants, Transport, Storage and Communication, Real Estate, Renting and Business Activities, and Other Community, Social and Personal Service Activities.

Prospects for Career Advancement

Advancement for Receptionists generally comes from a promotion to a supervisory position. Receptionists with strong computer skills may advance to a better paying job as an Executive Secretary or Administrative Assistant.

Nature of Work

A receptionist is a person in an office/administrative support position. He/She receives clients/visitors, provides information and makes appointments on behalf of the office/company.


  • Answers telephone;
  • Routes and receives calls;
  • Makes appointment for clients;
  • Greets visitors and directs clients to appropriate location or person;
  • Responds to queries from the public;
  • Provides information about the organization;
  • Coordinates all mail into and out of the office;
  • Helps monitor the access of visitors; and
  • Performs a variety of office duties such as transmitting and delivering facsimiles, filing records, updating appointment calendars, opening and sorting mail, etc.

Specific Responsibilities

The specific responsibilities of receptionists vary with the type of establishment in which they work. The specific responsibilities of receptionists vary with the type of establishment in which they work. For example:

  • Hospitals and Doctors’ office
  • Gather patient’s personal and financial information and direct them to proper waiting rooms.
  • Corporate Offices
  • Greet visitors and manage the scheduling of the board room or conference area.
  • Factories and other Establishments
  • Provide identification cards and arrange for escorts to take visitors to the proper office.
  • Beauty salons
  • Arrange appointments, direct customers and may serve as cashiers.
  • Hotels
  • Make reservations and arrange registration of hotel guest.

Skills and Competencies

Technological proficiency and good interpersonal skills are important requirements to be an effective Receptionist. A Receptionist must know how to operate telephone systems, computers, fax machines and other office equipment, and must know the proper procedures for greeting visitors and for distributing mail, faxes and parcels.

Physical Attributes and Characteristics

  • Must be courteous;
  • Punctual;
  • Possess good work habits; and
  • With pleasing personality.

* Based on tuition fee rates for school year 2010-2011.