Medical Representative


In the Philippines, a Medical Representative’s entry level salary ranges from P10,000 - P15,000 per month and may even go up to P20,000 per month for those highly-trained and experienced. Overseas,
such as in the U.S. and Canada, the average annual salary for a medical representative is $66,652 or $5,554 per month.

Basic Educational Requirement

Any educational background is acceptable but preference is given to graduates of courses in Medical and Allied Sciences. For those non-graduates of Medical Allied Sciences, a short term in-house training is arranged.

Cost of Education *

A bachelor’s degree in any four-year business course and Medical Allied Sciences normally ranges from P30,000 to P60,000 per semester in private schools and universities. However, in public educational institutions that offer the same discipline, tuition fee would cost about 20%-40% less.

Employment Opportunities

Employment for Medical Representatives remains secure and stable. Locally, Medical Representatives are hired via pharmaceutical companies and in BPO’s that cater in medical services. Online Medical Representatives are in demand nowadays locally with above minimum salary. Canada and USA and other countries that have an evolving Medical Care Unit also offer good salary for successful Medical Representative applicants. Medical Representatives may likewise be employed in the following industries: Wholesale and Retail Trade, Repair of Motor Vehicles, Motorcycles and Personal and Household Goods, Real Estate, Renting and Business Activities, and Health and Social Work.

Prospects for Career Advancement

A Medical Representative can be promoted as Sales Executive or Sales Manager in the long run of hard work and commitment.

Nature of Work

A Medical Representative serves as a link between the pharmaceutical company and prospect clients like hospitals and community centers. They sell different kinds of medicines, topical treatments and medical equipments.


  • Visits prospective clients to present and make negotiations about the featured product;
  • Sells and gives samples to prospective clients;
  • Informs clients about the product’s price, warranty, nutritional value, side effects, and other important information;
  • Makes a routine visit to different hospitals and community centers to present the products;
  • Makes presentations to clients;
  • Advises customers on the suitable medicines or equipments;
  • Arranges orders and product reservations;
  • Makes presentations to clients; and
  • Makes negotiations with the pharmaceutical company about the price and demand of the customers.

Skills and Competencies

  • Must have wide knowledge in pharmaceutical;
  • Knowledge in basic medicinal treatments and apparatus;
  • Adept in medical terminologies and its meaning;
  • Must have knowledge in basic marketing strategies; and
  • Can make good presentations.

Physical Attributes and Characteristics

  • Must have good communications skills;
  • Must have the ability to sell and persuade people;
  • Willing to go and be assigned in far places;
  • With pleasing personality.

* Based on tuition fee rates for school year 2010-2011.