Automotive Technician


In the Philippines, an automotive technician’s entry level salary ranges from P8,000 - P17,500 per month. Overseas, such as U.S. & Canada, entry level Automotive Technician receives a salary range of $1,900 - $3,500 or C$2,319 - C$3,325 per month.

Basic Educational Requirement

To be an Automotive Technician, one must undergo a three-year post secondary non-degree course in Automotive Technology.

Cost of Education *

A vocational technology course for automotive technology ranges approximately from P7,500 - P20,000 per term. Also, there are short courses offered for Automotive Technician that may range from P3,700- P6,500 per course for 48 - 60 hours.

Employment Opportunities

The Automotive Technician graduate can avail of various employment opportunities for job placement. He/She may start as engine overhauler, troubleshooter, machinist and equipment operator, power train serviceman, automotive instructor, power plant mechanic, heavy equipment mechanic or service station manager. Automotive Technicians can easily be employed by automotive service firms, automotive parts manufacturing industries, farm machineries and heavy equipment service companies. An Automotive Technician may also establish and operate his own service shop. As an entrepreneur there are the opportunities to earn more and at the same time create jobs. 
Automotive Technician may also be employed in the following industries: Wholesale and Retail Trade, Repair of Motor Vehicles, Motorcycles and Personal and Household Goods; and Transport, Storage and Communication.

Prospects for Career Advancement

Career advancement is dependent on pursuing further studies or training along ones area of specialization. After gaining considerable working experience, Automotive Technicians may assume the position of supervisor, trainer or even a Chief Mechanic working with the repair and maintenance section of an automotive service firm.

Nature of Work

An Automotive Technician is involved in assembly, operation, performance testing, trouble shooting, repair and maintenance operation, and use of all kinds of automotive equipment and machine tools including quality control. He/She can either be an auto diesel mechanic, automotive electrician, power train and under chassis mechanic or an auto body repairman.


  • Inspects, maintains, and repairs automobiles and light trucks that run on gasoline, diesel, electricity, or alternative fuels such as ethanol;
  • Tests and lubricates engines and other major components;
  • Repairs or replaces worn parts before they cause breakdowns or damage the vehicle; and
  • Examines every critical part such as belts, hoses, plugs, brake and fuel sys-tem and other potentially troublesome items that should be watched closely.

Skills and Competencies

  • Must have a broad knowledge of how complex components of a vehicle work and interact;
  • Ability to diagnose the source of the problem quickly and accurately;
  • Good reasoning ability and a thorough knowledge of automobiles;
  • Ability to work with electronic diagnostic equipment and digital manuals, and reference materials; and
  • Must be able to keep up with new technology and learn new service and repair procedures and specification thru reading.

Physical Attributes and Characteristics

  • Physically fit; and
  • Interest in science particularly mathematics, physics and chemistry;

* Based on tuition fee rates for school year 2010-2011.