Computer Technician


In the Philippines, a computer technician receives a minimum salary of P404 a day in NCR and may even go up to P500 a day for those highly-trained and experienced. Overseas, such as in the U.S. and Canada, the average hourly rate for a computer technician is $18.18 per hour.

Basic Educational Requirement

A Computer Technician must be a graduate of technical/vocational course on Computer Hardware Servicing and Basic Computer Programming. These courses are offered by TESDA accredited schools and institutions. Most employers prefer at least 2-3 years work related experience.

Cost of Education *

A bachelor’s degree in Computer and other Information Technology related courses normally ranges from P40,000 to P60,000 per semester in private schools and universities. However, in public educational institutions that offer the same discipline, tuition fee would cost about 20%-40% less.

Employment Opportunities

Information Technology remains in demand nowadays because most industries are now using computers and computer applications. Computer Technicians are widely needed both local and abroad. Most local Computer Technicians work as freelancer. Computer Technicians are also widely needed abroad.

Prospects for Career Advancement

Entry level Computer Technician can be promoted as Senior Technician or Supervisor after a year, if good working performance is maintained. They can also consider putting up their own computer shop after retirement .

Nature of Work

A Computer Technician maintains, repairs computers, and downloads computer application. He/She can work as a freelancer or work in a computer and repair shops.


  • Repairs computers with damage or dysfunctions;
  • Installs or downloads computer applications;
  • Assembles computer parts;
  • Performs network maintenance and troubleshooting;
  • Checks the capacity of the computer;
  • Ensures the functions of the computer;
  • Checks and repairs computer connections;
  • Communicates with clients about the computer condition; and
  • Advises proper care of computer and the best computer programs and brand.

Skills and Competencies

  • Must have wide knowledge and ability in repairing computers;
  • Must have knowledge in different software applications;
  • Knowledge in troubleshooting; and
  • Knowledge in detecting computer viruses.

Physical Attributes and Characteristics

  • Ability to repair multiple computers;
  • Know how to assemble computer parts and can do networking;
  • Knowledge in repairing different brand and type of computers; and
  • Must have good communication skills.

* Based on 2011 rates.