Public service is sometimes characterized as a special calling, one that might not reward financially, but provides intrinsic satisfaction from helping others,” said H. George Frederickson and David K. Hart in their study titled “The Public Service and the Patriotism of Benevolence” in 1985. This resonates with the experience of Atty. Charish – a challenge-seeker and hard worker in nature, proving what a true public servant should be.

Atty. Charish Mungcal, also known as “Cha”, has been working at the Department of Labor and Employment – Bureau of Local Employment since 2013. Her experience has taught her the importance of work values such as hard work, being organized, and taking the initiative to be ahead of the tasks and deadlines given to her. For seven years, she has been molded to become a better individual and government employee. She conquered obstacles that tested her skills and abilities but it did not stop her to seek for greater challenges.

Inspired by the work environment during her on-the-job-training at the Department of Justice, Atty. Charish decided to pursue law as a working student. By grabbing said opportunity, she understood that it comes with great sacrifice of time and effort. She had to squeeze in lessons with pending work documents, compromise her weekends and time for social gatherings with friends and family, and above all, support herself financially.

When asked if she had regrets throughout her experience, she smiled and said, “If you make a decision, you should own it.” She also shared that probably one of her lowest days is when she failed her first Bar exams attempt. “I remember when the results were announced. It was on a Friday and I couldn’t stop crying. I questioned myself: What have I done wrong? Weren’t my sacrifices enough? But after letting it all out, I returned to work the following Monday as if nothing happened.” Atty. Cha then thought that making her parents proud, with all the support and inspiration they have given, is far greater than doubting herself and quitting. She also learned that she was only 0.5 short during her first attempt, but instead of losing herself in mourning, she composed herself, worked smarter, and handled pressure better for her next try. After years of hard work, sacrifice, downfalls, and tears, Atty. Cha successfully passed the 2019 Bar examinations.

 Becoming a public servant with legal background is both a privilege and a responsibility, dealing with real-world issues that affect society. “It can help me in developing policies towards the social good within the bounds of the law. With the legal knowledge that I have, I am hoping to make a real difference in people’s lives.”

 For Atty. Cha, she is grateful to have grown and have great opportunities in the government, which ultimately inspired her to further pay it forward by continuously serving the public. Indeed, there is a greater sense of fulfillment when you work for the people, and Atty. Cha couldn’t be happier to have achieved her dreams for the public, through the public.



29 May 2020
*The Supreme Court released the much awaited results on 29 April 2020, with a passing rate of 27.36%. 
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