On 15 May 2013, Republic Act No. 10533 or the Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013, otherwise known as the K to 12 Law, was enacted to enhance the Philippine Basic Education System by strengthening its curriculum and increasing the number of years of basic education. In anticipation of the new education system's impact on labor, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) came up with the K to 12 DOLE Adjustment Measures Program (AMP).


The K to 12 DOLE Amp is a mitigation scheme designed to ensure the welfare of Higher Education Institution (HEI) personnel who may be displaced during the transition to K to 12 a period expected to last until the year 2022. The program offers qualified applicants, an assistance package consisting of (1) Financial Support, (2) Employment Facilitation, and (3) Livelihood Opportunities.


 Since commencing operations last June 2016, the K to 12 DOLE AMP has provided assistance to nearly 700 beneficiaries from a total of 1,489 HEI personnel displaced by the K to 12 Law. As of December 2017, 159 grantees have already completed the program; many of whom now enjoy full-time and part-time wage employment, as well as self-employment.


 Among those who have benefitted from enlisting in the K to 12 DOLE AMP is Graciel Torres, who cites the program’s Financial Support component as fundamental to her transition back to full-time wage employment. A full-time faculty personnel of John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation Inc. in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental for 14 years, she found herself without a job after the implementation of the K to 12 Law.


"[Being] out of job after 14 years of service, the K to 12 Law really affected me financially," she states. "The financial assistance has been really helpful for me and my needs during these times, especially since our benefits from the school are not that huge. The amount I got from the DOLE AMP was very helpful," Torres added. After six months of availment, Torres successfully found full-time wage employment again.


Lovely Joy Taa found herself in similarly dire circumstances after she was laid off from her work as a full-time non-teaching personnel of the City College of Calapan. "Since I am the eldest in the family, I was under immense pressure to provide and support them," she said.


Depending on their displacement status, beneficiaries are entitled to either three or six months of program coverage. Having been totally displaced from their posts, Graciel and Lovely both qualified for the six-month assistance package. This entailed their submission of one job contact or proof of active search for employment every month which is the only conditional requirement needed in order to continuously receive the monthly grant. Beneficiaries under the three-month coverage are not required to submit monthly updates.


With the aid from DOLE, Lovely is now free to focus her energies on finding re-employment. Just a month into the K to 12 DOLE AMP, she was able to accept a full-time job offer. For accomplishing reemployment before the conclusion of the program's coverage, Lovely received an incentive computed from the remaining five months of availment.


 Application to the program is very simple interested individuals have to submit the required documents to any DOLE Regional or Field Office and wait to be notified of the result of their application within three working days after evaluation. The required documents are: (1) K to 12 DOLE AMP Application Form (can be downloaded from http://bit.ly/K12AMPFORM); (2) Certificate of Displacement (download template from http://bit.ly/K12AMPCOD); or a copy of complaint duly received by NLRC (if the applicant has filed a case before the NLRC); (3) Certificate of Employment and Compensation; and (4) any government-issued ID.


 For more information, potential beneficiaries are encouraged to contact the K to 12 DOLE AMP Program Management Office at (02) 528-0083 or through e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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