Over the years, the Bureau of Local Employment (BLE) has been implementing and creating new strategies as regards career guidance and employment coaching to prepare the youth before they enter the world of work.

Through its Career Guidance Advocacy Program (CGAP), labor market issues and challenges encountered by current and would-be members of the workforce, i.e. career choice, technical and soft skills, job-skill mismatch, etc., are being addressed by providing them relevant and timely information about the recent labor market trends.

Last 19 January 2018, Mr. Nick Romano, Project Coordinator and Program Officer of CGAP, gave a talk to Senior High School (SHS) students at the School of Holy Spirit about Labor Market Trends and Career Guidance Tips. “Career is a continuous process of learning and development,” said Mr. Romano, further emphasizing that the acquisition of knowledge is not bound by the four corners of the classroom; learning goes beyond educational and training institutions as it encompasses our day-to-day experiences.

Mr. Romano also shared relevant tips when it comes to skills requirements. Based on Jobstreet Philippines.com’s 2015 Jobs and Salary Report for Fresh Graduates, he cited the Top Five (5) behavioral skills that employers look for in fresh graduates, i.e. willingness to learn, initiative, honesty and integrity, self-motivation, and self-confidence. Moreover, communication skills, trainability, competence, problem-solving and analytical skills, and tech know-how were among the skills he mentioned under the functional skills that employers are looking for in entry-level jobseekers.

“Good career guidance has the potential to address pressing labor market issues as it raises aspirations and broadens horizons among our youth,” shared Mr. Romano. “It can help the youth develop self-awareness and resilience, seek and evaluate information, and make sound decisions as regards their chosen career,” he added. He closed his presentation by emphasizing that access to information and guidance about the career options available to young people are important factors in ensuring that they are able to make the most of the opportunities coming their way.


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