BLE Conducts Regional Visits for DOLE ROs with In-House SPES Database System


The Bureau of Local Employment (BLE) has conducted visits in five (5) DOLE Regional Offices (ROs) with existing in-house Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES) Database System from February to March. BLE conducted consultations with DOLE RO III last 29 January, while DOLE RO IV-A, VII, XI and XII were consulted from 4-7 and 11-12 of March.

SPES JFThe said visits were made in preparation for the Regional Consultation/Workshop on SPES Database System whic

The main objective of the visits and the workshop is the development of a National SPES Online Database System.h will happen in Manila sometime in April. This will involve the participation of all regional SPES focal persons and their IT counterparts.

“With the Bureau’s continuing mantra of improving efficient and convenient service delivery to our stakeholders, the development of a National Online Database System for SPES will primarily aid the problem on the programs process cycle time; particularly on the long and tedious process SPES beneficiaries should undertake before they receive their salary“, Director Dominique Tutay of BLE said. “We want to ensure that our SPES babies will receive their salaries at the most convenient time”, she added.

SPES Consultation

BLE personnel were not only sent to the regions to check the system developed by the ROs, they also monitored how the ROs execute the Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act (RA) 9547, amending RA 7323 known as the SPES. They assessed the problems and challenges DOLE ROs face in implementing the program.

“We are currently working on the Supplemental Guidelines for SPES before conducting the workshop to ensure that the National Online Database System for SPES will suit the implementing rules of the program”, Director Tutay said.

BLE also consulted a number of PESOs in the ROs visited to assess how they implement SPES in their area of concern.


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