As a ratifying State to ILO Convention 88, the Philippines is mandated to create and maintain a free employment service which shall consist of a national system of employment offices under the direction of a national authority.

This mandate is religiously being carried out by the Department of Labor and Employment through the Bureau of Local Employment (BLE).

1952 - Creation of the National Employment Service (NES) under the Department of Labor and Employment by virtue of Republic Act 761 which operationalizes employment service in the country.

1957 - A government reorganization took place and the NES was dissolved to give way to the Office of Manpower Services (OMS).

May 1974 - A major breakthrough came with the promulgation of Presidential Decree 442, otherwise known as the Labor Code of the Philippines. The Bureau of Employment Services (BES) was created as a line Bureau concerned with both local and overseas employment functions.

Extending and widening its network, the BES established forty two (42) Public Employment Offices (PEOs) in various regions with the Central Office in Manila overseeing all activities.

1982 - The year 1982 saw the employment service experiencing structural changes as a result of Executive Order No. 797. The local employment functions of the BES, including the functions of the defunct Bureau of Apprenticeship (BA) were absorbed by the Bureau of Local Employment (BLE).

June 16, 1987 - A decentralization policy by virtue of Administrative Order No. 186 was put into force, delegating BLE's line functions to the Regional Offices of the Department of Labor and Employment.

1994 - The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) was created under RA 7796 (TESDA Act of 1994) which absorbed the Apprenticeship functions of the Bureau of Local Employment. Eleven (11) personnel of the Bureau were transferred to TESDA.

1999 - Republic Act 8759 was enacted institutionalizing a National Facilitation Service Network thru the establishment of Public Employment Service Offices (PESOs) in every province, key cities and other strategic areas. PESO is a non-fee charging multi-employment service facility or entity. This also serves as an information hub on labor market and employment programs of the DOLE and other entities. The administration of the PESOs is lodged with the Bureau of Local Employment.



The Bureau of Local Employment shall promote full employment by facilitating access of Filipino jobseekers to local employment opportunities through policy researches, standards setting, strategy development, labor market analysis and provision of technical assistance to regional implementors in support of employment service operations.


BLE is the center of excellence in employment service in Asia

BLE is well managed, dynamic and people-oriented organization


Towards this end:


    • WE facilitate local employment through computerized PESO network nationwide;

    • WE are committed to provide fast and effective employment service to jobseekers and other clients;

    • WE influence policy makers and planners with accurate, timely and reliable labor market information;

    • WE are well-trained, capable, highly competent and committed employment service officers; and

    • WE work harmoniously together as a high-performing team.