Prohibition on the Collection of Any Mandatory Fee, Amount or Financial Exaction of Whatever Nature or Form by State Universities and Colleges and CHED-Recognized Local Universities and Colleges Other than those Expressly Stipulated in Section III (H) of RA 10931 or the Universal Access to Quality Education Act of 2017

 The UniFAST was informed by members of the Senate during the Senate Plenary Hearing on the proposed 2019 National Expenditure Program that some State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) continue to charge all the students other special and miscellaneous fees, financial requirements other than those included other school fee as defined in RA 10931. These collections are illegal and will not be reimbursed under RA 10931 and therefore must be stopped immediately. Unauthorized fees collected should be refunded to the students without any deduction.

Course specific fees that SUCs are collecting such as RLE for the B.S. Nursing Program, the Maritime fees for the B.S Marine Engineering and B.S. Maritime Transportation programs, other OJT and Affiliation fees may still be collected. The Commission en Banc together with the UniFAST Governing Board, shall conduct a review of these fees and determine whether these can be recovered under RA 10931 in the future.

The general public is also forewarned about the Penal provisions under Section 12 of RA 10931 for the commission of prohibited acts. Complaints should be forwarded to the UniFAST Secretariat at Appropriate proceedings and sanctions shall be imposed after due investigation. The support and cooperation of all are enjoined on this urgent issuance.


Copy of the Memorandum can be downloaded here.


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