Ariel Amadhay, 24, from Alimodian, Iloilo, is living with his partner and their baby. He quit his Aeronautics Technician course due to financial problems. With a family of his own, Ariel finds it overwhelmingly difficult to be jobless and to rely on his parents for his own family's needs.

 Seeing the JobStart tarpaulin hanging outside their town’s gymnasium, Ariel saw his opportunity and registered for the JobStart Program. At present, Ariel is one of the three trainees at Tibiao Bakery assigned to make buns for famous fastfood chains and restaurants.

“Jobstart gave me a sense of dignity. Now, I am able to earn even a little for my own family. I know that the trainings that I have been undergoing will prepare me to become a better worker,” Ariel said.

“The LST also developed my self confidence. [It] enabled me to manage my finances no matter how small it is and I learned to work with others,” he added.

He also shared that he is very proud of his work and he beams whenever his nephews and nieces eat the popular burger. Ariel looks forward to finishing his internship and becoming a regular employee of Tibiao. He also shared that he will be saving part of his allowances for his wedding. 

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