As a ratifying State to ILO Convention 88, the Philippines is mandated to create and maintain a free employment service which shall consist of a national system of employment offices under the direction of a national authority.

This mandate is religiously being carried out by the Department of Labor and Employment through the Bureau of Local Employment (BLE).

The Bureau of Local Employment traces its roots to the National Employment Service (NES) which was created by virtue of Republic Act No. 761 in 1952 to ensure the best possible organization of the employment market as an integral part of the national program for the achievement and maintenance of maximum employment and the development and use of productive resources.

The rationalization and restructuring of the organizational and functional structures of government agencies and instrumentalities led to the changes in the composition and functions of the NES. In 1974, the Bureau of Employment Services (BES) was created to handle local and overseas employment functions. By virtue of Executive Order No. 797 promulgated in 1982, the Bureau of Local Employment (BLE) assumed the functions of the Bureau of Apprenticeship and the domestic employment functions of the Bureau of Employment Services.


Promote decent work in the Philippines through policy and program development based on timely and accurate labor market information.


Opportunities to full, decent, and gainful employment for every Filipino jobseeker in an enhanced Philippine labor market..